Cloud computing can assist medium and small businesses in a plethora of ways – from preventing large-scale and expensive data loss to facilitating easy collaboration between different individuals and groups. However, some can be wary of security risks with this relatively recent form of technology, especially when dealing with sensitive data. Whilst the security of cloud computing is at the forefront of developer’s minds, for total peace of mind we’ve come up with some tips to help ensure your business is protected.

1. Know how your data is protected and where it is

Make sure you know what data encryption services and firewalls are used. Also by knowing where your data is stored, you have a much better idea of what to do if problems are encountered later down the line.

2. Always back up your data

This covers the business’s back more than anything else. Having a secure backup copy of, for example customer’s data, then the risk of losing vital information is reduced.

3. If in doubt, test

Expert hackers can be hired by businesses to test their security. These hackers can attempt to reach your documents and then advise you about gaps in security. This is a good way of testing your security measures, but internal scanning and assessments within the cloud is important as well. You getting unauthorised access to your data is an indication that others could too.

4. Take advantage of Amazon’s Trusted Advisor

This programme carries out 33 different tests including tests related to malware or hacking attempts. 4 of these tests are now available for free for all users. Make the most of this great service!

5. Take passwords seriously

According to Deloitte, 90% of user-created passwords can be cracked within 90 seconds. The old rule of including numbers, capitals and lowercase and keep the length at a minimum of 8 letters doesn’t cut it anymore. There is a lot of advice out there for developing more secure passwords – be mindful of the risks and use this advice to develop safer passwords.

We hope these tips will set you in good stead for making secure use of cloud technology.

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