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HR Easily Pte Ltd

It is well known that for companies with many employees, especially working in different locations, the management of daily presence can become a difficult task.  There could be a lot of challenges if the processes are not streamlined. 

In-house payroll processing consumes a lot of time for any organization. The best way to save time and not get hassled with the payroll process is to use an automated cloud payroll solution. HReasily as a platform provides us with solutions to make running your business seamless and efficient. They digitally enable businesses and individuals to make life better by creating, innovating and reimagining the best solutions to automate complicated and manual processes for businesses and individuals. 

Building a Powerful Dashboard 

As Asia’s fastest-growing HRTech company, HReasily provides a partner dashboard which is an essential tool to manage multiple payroll accounts for its clients. This dashboard serves the purpose to provide you with insights that will make your day better and easier. 

However, to provide such services to its clients, they were looking for a single cloud-based platform to manage their backend operations so that their staff can save time and increase productivity with other strategic business tasks. 

The organisation decided to run its operations on AWS Managed Services as they provide a secure AWS Landing Zone which helps the HR organization to onboard various applications across the region by creating an AMS application account for each.

Boosting Security and Compliance 

The main challenge for HReasily was security and compliance as they wanted a backend team to secure and manage its cloud environment. Cloud Comrade experts assisted and recommended the applications to provision, run and support its platform. 

As an AWS Managed Services provider, Cloud Comrade was able to understand the requirements of HReasily and delivered the services as per their needs and ensured that the AWS environment meets the needs of the organization after migration.

These managed services protect the organization’s information assets and help to keep their platform secure. Also, it manages security policies and is able to quickly recognize and respond to any intrusion. In terms of compliance, AWS managed services offer features that help HReasliy to meet various compliance requirements such as HIPAA, HITRUST, ISO 27001, CIS, SOC. 

Optimizing Cost and Platform Usage

One of the main advantages to consider your platform running on AWS is to optimize cost when you use such services. We at Cloud Comrade provide a monthly summary of key performance metrics, including operational activities. This helps HReasliy to track their spending and expenses to optimize the platform usage and cost so that the organisation get the most out of their AWS investments.