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It’s no secret that businesses are embracing and migrating to cloud computing. But the reality is that it is hard to break away from the technology and infrastructure you’re used to. Leaping straight into the world of enterprise cloud computing is a decision not to be taken lightly, and it’s good to know there are […]

Switching from a traditional information technology setup, with data and applications stored on servers that are managed in-house, to a cloud-based solution, is becoming a reality for an increasing number of large and medium-sized companies around the world. According to a new survey carried out by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, firms that have decided […]

The market for cloud-based services has developed immensely in recent years, and this has enabled businesses to periodically assess whether or not their current provider is best suited to their needs. Any service in this area is only going to be as good as the level of hardware that has been put in place, and […]

There are a great many benefits to cloud computing, and cloud services are at an all-time high – however, there isn’t much you can do when clouds suddenly cease, which is occasionally known to happen. Providers will draft comprehensive service level agreements to help cover your back, but what else can you do to ensure […]

Many businesses are waking up to the various benefits of moving to the cloud, such as reliability, saving money, not having to worry about hardware, and being able to access data securely from any location – but what about the cloud systems themselves? Amazon Web Services has established itself as one of the clear leaders […]

In a recent survey of 1,358 enterprises published by North Bridge Venture Partners, nearly half were using the cloud for revenue generation or new product creation. Usage of cloud computing ranged from using Infrastructure as a Service to gain access to flexible computing capacity to using Platform as a Service technologies for developing new applications […]

It’s very likely that you have heard of “cloud computing” by now. If you are reading this blog post, you are probably a little confused by what exactly cloud computing entails. Don’t worry, you are not alone! The information technology industry moves at a rapid pace and it can be difficult to keep up with. […]

If you are finding that your current business technology is slowing you down or you are constantly experiencing network or other critical technical issues, it could be time to move your business to the cloud. Hardware and software problems could be costing you money in lost revenue and maintenance costs and putting your business at risk. […]

Why more medium and large-scale business are engaging with the cloud In the five years since cloud computing started to beguile the enterprise community, an increasing number of medium and large scale organisations are actively discussing a move to a cloud-based IT infrastructure. There is no geographical delineation, the same trend being expressed across the […]