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Big data analytics means big boosts for businesses. In sum, big data analytics simply involves analysing large sets of data. This enables businesses to spot market trends, and understand consumer behaviour like never before. Even businesses that have not seen fit to join the cloud have recognised that big data analytics are extremely useful for […]

In its latest round of price reductions, Amazon has set about slashing the costs of bandwidth, significantly lowering prices on outbound data migrating from its CloudFront content delivery platform. With the price war between Amazon and Google hotting up, both companies are looking for new ways to attract small and medium-sized businesses to their cloud […]

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is most the favoured enterprise cloud service among businesses, according to new research, while the company says it’s not cost savings that are driving firms to the cloud but flexibility. In a quarterly report by cloud-security firm Skyhigh Networks that examined the data of over 13 million users, AWS emerged as […]

In recent years, technology has begun to play a bigger and bigger role in business, with companies that fail to keep on top of the latest developments quickly left behind. One of the most important innovations currently making waves in the business world is the cloud; a network of servers that hosts software and stores […]

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