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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has confirmed its intention to be greener than ever before with the launch of a massive new renewable energy project in the United States. The cloud company has revealed it will be building the largest solar farm in Virginia, which will be expected to start generating around 170,000 megawatt hours (MWh) […]

Ahead of Amazon revealing just how much revenue it makes from its Amazon Web Services division later this month, analysts at Citi are pushing the boat out and trying to figure out just how much the cloud storage and data processing unit is worth. The good news from their number crunching is that the revenue […]

The United States Geological Service has long made its famous Landsat imaging data free to application developers, but there’s been a degree of leg work involved in getting any of that imagery into Amazon Web Services. Amazon has made the process easier for users and now offers some 85,000 images spanning the globe, which can […]

Many businesses with large quantities of video content are moving their clips off their own servers to the cloud as prices fall and compute power rises. Amazon Web Services has some new tricks up its sleeves for companies who use AWS for video encoding, or who could find this an attractive new option. Amazon’s Elastic […]

The latest from Amazon’s never-ending treadmill of updates sees Amazon Web Services introduce a range of improved features to help it compete better across the enterprise IT landscape. Amazon’s identity and access management (IAM) system upgrades are now available across the range of Amazon services. They can help enterprise users and system admins rapidly manage […]

Record numbers of businesses are migrating to cloud computing services to benefit from a growing array of competitive advantages and increasingly lower costs, according to a new report, which places Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the preferred cloud provider among firms. The report, Cloud Adoption & Risk Report Q4 2014, singles out AWS as the […]

Synergy Research Group has just published new data showing impressive growth for Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) division. The company’s cloud data storage and processing technology now claims 28% of the global market, and is still growing. That represents a five-year high for market share and 50% year-over-year growth in the increasingly competitive cloud infrastructure services […]

Amazon’s various businesses generate vast amounts of revenue, but the company as a whole is rather vague about how it reports them, so we have little idea just how the AWS business is doing. That’s of considerable interest to those companies interested in using AWS or developing services based around it. In its latest earnings […]

Amazon is on the acquisitions trail again, this time looking to pick up an Israeli semiconductor firm, Annapurna Labs. The company produces specialised chips that improve the speed of data traffic while running in power-efficient compute environments. With Amazon keen on its green enterprise credentials, that should also help reduce power costs within its data […]

AWS Lambda is now live across Amazon Web Services in preview form. The new compute service from Amazon provides an automated response to events within your business cloud processes or AWS services, and automatically launches a new piece of Node.js code or an application (up to 20MB upload size including libraries) to respond to the […]