Solutions for Life’s Important Milestones.

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Aviva Singapore Pvt Ltd 

Saving money is one of the best Financial habits to safeguard oneself and for the future. It is helpful in many ways to become financially secure and provide a safety net in case of an emergency. Well, it is even smarter to invest in insurance as it provides protection for the uncertainties in life. 

As a known fact, no one can predict the future but it is always imperative to have insurance in one of the most leading insurance companies. Aviva Singapore is not just a leading provider of life and health also for retirement, car and travel. They offer a comprehensive suite of insurance solutions for life’s important milestones. Avivia’s products are designed to help you make the most of your investment dollars. 

Aviva Singapore has been in the business of helping its customers to live confidently for about 300 years, serving millions of customers around the world. They always find ways to make it easier for their customers such as creating products that uniquely serves them. 

Designing Right Solutions on the Right Platform 

Cloud computing has transformed many industry sectors with ease of deployment, resourcefulness and flexibility, in the insurance industry it is no different. As Aviva ensures to protect its customers’, it also tailors solutions to cater to their needs. To create and design such solutions, Aviva wanted to migrate its platform to one of the leading cloud platforms to deploy and manage its environment. 

AWS Managed Services not only enables its customers to quickly and easily deploy their cloud infrastructure but also simplify the on-demand provisioning. These services are designed to meet the application needs and integrate seamlessly with the organizations’ existing infrastructure. This has enabled Aviva to build solutions and eventually save time and cost. 

Streamlining and Organizing Aviva’s Environment

As a Singapore first-headquartered Premier Consulting Partner of AWS, Cloud Comrade worked with Aviva to understand their business needs and recommended the right solutions to deliver a seamless deployment. The other challenge for Aviva was to streamline and organise Aviva’s environment so that their staff need not waste time in managing and monitoring. 

With AWS Managed Services, Aviva is monitored and managed by Cloud Comrade experts and the platform was designed to make it easier and to bridge the IT skills lacked by the insurance staff. 

Scalability and Flexibility for a Secured Business

One of the biggest advantages of running the organisations’ environment is to optimize CapEx and OpEx. AWS provides a cloud-based platform to offer a scalable and flexible environment to improve the business process. Cloud services are available in the pay-per-use model and these services significantly decrease operating costs and capital investment costs. 

In terms of security and compliance, Aviva utilizes cloud infrastructure with Industry Compliance standards like ISO 27001, CIS, SOC to meet their requirements with the help of AWS Managed Services. 

24/7 Support by Cloud Comrade 

Since AWS Managed Services were deployed in Aviva’s environment, it has unburdened the management of backend stress and also comrades are available 24×7 365 days a year to maintain and monitor the health of Aviva’s environment by managing complex incidents. 

Aviva feels its environment is secured, maintained and managed and they are able able to better plan its business processes and focus on its requirements. Comrades were with Aviva throughout the journey to make the process in the most effective and efficient way.