AWS SAP Competency

 Accelerate your SAP migrations to the AWS Cloud

The business benefits of running SAP workloads on AWS are already well proven with thousands of customers now running such workloads. It brings together the skills and strengths of people and machines, thus establishing the foundation for innovative business models and services.

Cloud Comrade has achieved SAP Competency to help customers implement, migrate, and manage SAP applications on the AWS Cloud. Going forward, SAP Cloud Platform will improve holistic life-cycle management in the cloud even further. 

SAP on AWS with Cloud Comrade

We have been one of the most prominent AWS Partner in ASEAN region when it comes SAP on AWS. Since 2015, we’ve helped many customers from different industries across Private and Public Sectors to successfully migrating, launching and managing their SAP workloads on AWS.

Often when it comes to consulting our customers on how to best migrate their SAP workload to AWS, the most common question asked is Why Cloud Comrade? We’ve come a long way prepared to answer this very question.

So, why Cloud Comrade?

1. Established Framework

Our established Cloud Delivery Framework is the epitome of success acknowledged by many of our customers.

2. Established Migration Strategy

Our established AWS Cloud and SAP migration strategy has enabled many customers to successfully migrate their SAP workloads on AWS with clear vision, transparent costs and smooth execution.  

3. Established SAP Partner

We are an established SAP Silver Partner authorized and recognized with expertise in servicing customers on SAP HANA. You may find more info at SAP Partner Edge Site here

Our range of SAP Services included:

New SAP Deployment on AWS

  • SAP ERP and Suite on HANA
  • SAP BW on HANA
  • SAP Lumira
  • SAP BO/BI Suites
  • SAP Process Orchestration
  • SAP Solution Manager
  • SAP Security and Authorization Design
  • SAP Disaster Recovery on AWS
  • SAP Backup and Recovery Solution

SAP Migration on AWS

  • SAP Heterogeneous Migration
  • On-premise to AWS Migration
  • Private Cloud to AWS Migration
  • Other Public Cloud to AWS Migration

SAP Technical Upgrade and Release Management

  • SAP Release and Version Upgrade
  • SAP EHP Upgrade
  • SAP Support Package Stack Update

4. Experienced and Certified Consultants

Our Cloud and SAP Consultants are highly experienced in AWS and SAP services, have worked in global and regional projects and recognized with multiple professional and associate certifications from AWS and SAP. Our Cloud and SAP Consultants constantly upskilling themselves to achieve highest standards of recognition through certifications and currently holding these certifications:

AWS Certifications:

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

AWS Certified Developer – Associate

AWS Certified Sysops Administrator – Associate

SAP Certifications:

SAP Technology Associate – SAP HANA

SAP Technology Associate – OS/DB Migration  

SAP Technology Associate – System Administration

5. Market expertise (ASEAN Region)

We were formed in the ASEAN Region and have operational offices in three different markets, Singapore, Malaysian and Indonesia. Over the years, we have worked with many customers in this region from different industries. We are very well informed of the market demands, trends and behaviour and industry-specific regulatory compliance. We are the Champion for SAP on AWS in ASEAN Region.

6. One-stop Solutions for Customers

We provide comprehensive Cloud Consulting from Discovery, Strategizing, Design to Deployment until Managed Services to our customers.

Our SAP Managed Services offerings cover:

1. SAP Application System and Landscape Monitoring

  • Application monitoring based state of the art software
  • Monitoring of database response times, throughput, CPU, Memory and Disk IO metrics
  • Root cause analysis for potential production issues

2. SAP Application System and Operating System Maintenance

  • Patching and upgrading of operating systems
  • Log handling, storage optimization, landscape re-evaluation after new AWS services
  • Anti-virus, firewall and network settings
  • Monitoring of security best practices

3. SAP Backup Management

  • Configuring back-up policies to adhere to customer’s RTO and RPO
  • Testing of back-up processes to ensure business continuity
  • Managing daily, weekly, monthly backup image

4. SAP Disaster Recovery

  • Implement High Availability architecture
  • Implementing Disaster Recovery in multiple Available Zone

5. SAP Active Customer Support

  • Ticketing system that allows for issue resolution time and efficiency tracking
  • Email or phone support channels
  • Billing, performance reporting and infrastructure analytics
  • Level three escalations to Cloud Vendor
  • Cloud account audits

6. Proven Track Records (Public Case Studies and Success Stories)

You may find our public business cases and success stories at AWS APN Site.

Click here for Case Study 1

Click here for Case Study 2

Click here for Cloud Comrade Success Stories

7. Experiences

We have worked with customers from multiple regions and across different industries to successfully migrated their SAP workloads on AWS. With vast collections of experiences, lessons learned and best practices from both AWS and SAP, running and managing SAP workloads on AWS is not an unprecedented journey.