Many businesses are reaping the rewards of shifting to the cloud, with increased profits and an easier infrastructure for their employees; however, the impact of cloud computing on the environment cannot be ignored. In an age where we need to do all we can to reduce our footprint on the world and seek out alternative energies and resources, cloud computing could offer a more sustainable answer whilst we search for the next big revolution.

With a huge reduction in on-site resources and energy needs, cloud computing can reduce the amount of power used to keep these businesses afloat. A recent study from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Northwestern University showed that moving common applications for 86 million users to a cloud-computing model saved enough energy to power LA for a year. Not only does this dramatically reduce outgoings for larger corporations, but it also gives these companies green credentials and the ability to focus on an environmentally-friendly method of conducting business.

Furthermore, carbon emissions can be reduced dramatically through using cloud-based software. A study by Accenture shows that for large businesses of around 10,000 users, there could be potential savings of around 30-60% – this would be achieve by keeping critical software and databases on the cloud rather than on-site using the company’s own servers. Outsourcing the location of these valuable resources means that the company’s carbon footprint in a number of ways – the advance infrastructure used for cloud computing has improved cooling and power management to reduce emissions, the capacity of the server is better matched to actual demand in order to prevent time wasting, and flattens peak loads on the server by allowing users and groups to share resources on the cloud.

The world of cloud computing, therefore, can make an enormous difference on the world of business by allowing it to take advantage of the latest innovations whilst still being considerate towards the environment. Studies have shown it to be a useful way of reducing a business’ carbon footprint, and once integrated into the company’s infrastructure it can simplify the way employees work as well. If you’re looking at cloud computing as a possible future for your company, then it’s vital to remember that it can affect far more than the business itself; it can in fact help to keep the world going just a little longer.

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