Cloud computing has changed the IT landscape for businesses and consumers alike. There’s very little in our current IT universe that doesn’t operate in the cloud somehow – social media, online shopping, email and more all rely on this new technology.But just how much has cloud computing changed the way companies operate?

Perhaps the most important aspect is growth.

No longer is a business restricted to its own IT infrastructure nestled in a server room. A business needn’t worry about upgrading to the latest technologies, spending hundreds of thousands on hardware and maintenance when it wants to increase.

With cloud computing, growth is as simple as deciding you need more room. In effect, a cloud hosting provider is renting out space to businesses, and there’s always space to offer.

The direct byproduct of this rapid scalability? There isn’t a lengthy waiting period of weeks and months until the space is available. Most cloud storage is ready to go within hours or days.

In addition, the business needn’t worry about investing hefty sums of money in hardware. The hosting provider already deals with this, and the cost of “renting” the space is comparatively minimal.

Another aspect of this change is mobility. Because of the fact that cloud computing is not location specific, many businesses are no longer physically tied to one location.

Cloud computing has opened up opportunities for businesses to operate in multiple locations, simultaneously. For instance, a digital agency that recruits freelance workers can easily employ hundreds of people from around the country without having to collocate them. This makes their own scalability quick and efficient because they can very quickly employ more staff without undertaking the standard procedures of a brick and mortar location.

In addition, it also means that businesses can collaborate around the world. It could be that a business in Southeast Asia wants to work with a consultant in North America. Despite the thousands of miles that physically separate them, cloud computing means that the consultant can very easily work without having to travel around the globe, saving both time and money for the company.

Cloud computing is changing the business landscape as we know it, and many businesses in Singapore and Southeast Asia have already enjoyed the benefits of moving to cloud hosting.

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