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17Jan 2018

You can now use Amazon SageMaker’s BlazingText implementation of the Word2Vec algorithm to generate word embeddings from a large number of documents. Word embeddings represent each unique word in the entire collection of text documents as a vector of numbers. Words that are similar will have similar vectors – that is, they will be close in the low-dimensional space of the embeddings – while words that are less similar will be further apart. This algorithm is used in a variety of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) tasks, such as semantic similarity, sentiment analysis, machine translation, and question-answering. Word2Vec has also recently been used successfully in tasks like recommendation and segmentation, where similar embeddings may denote that, by example, two movies tend to be watched by similar users at similar times. Amazon SageMaker’s BlazingText implementation has been engineered with speed and scale in mind to produce embeddings extremely fast using either GPU or CPU hardware.

17Jan 2018

You can now publish logs from your RDS for MySQL and MariaDB databases to CloudWatch Logs. Supported logs include general log, slow query log, audit log, and error log. Publishing these logs to CloudWatch Logs allows you to maintain continuous visibility into database activity, query performance, and errors in your RDS for MySQL and MariaDB databases. For example, you can set up CloudWatch Alarms to notify you on frequent restarts which are recorded in the error log. Similarly, alarms for events recorded in general or audit logs can be created to alert on unwanted changes made to your databases. You may also create alarms to monitor the slow query log and enable timely detection of long-running queries. 

16Jan 2018

Amazon WorkSpaces is now available in the South America (Sao Paulo) region, increasing the number of AWS Regions where WorkSpaces is available to nine. This expansion into a new AWS Region allows you to provision WorkSpaces closer to your users and data in the cloud, providing a more responsive experience. You can quickly add or remove WorkSpaces to meet changing demand, without the added cost and complexity of on-premises VDI infrastructure.

15Jan 2018

Today, we are introducing volume-based tiered pricing for Vended logs in CloudWatch Logs, effective January 1, 2018. Vended logs are logs that are natively published by AWS services on behalf of the customer. VPC Flow logs is the first Vended log type that will benefit from this tiered model. However, more AWS Service log types will be added to Vended Logs in the future. 

15Jan 2018

We are excited to announce that Amazon EC2 Elastic GPUs now support OpenGL 4.3. To activate OpenGL 4.3 support for existing Elastic GPUs, simply stop and start your instances, and a new driver will be automatically installed in your instance to support OpenGL 4.3. 

14Jan 2018

You can now develop your AWS Lambda function code using Go. Lambda lets you run code without provisioning and managing servers. You simply upload your Go executable artifact as a ZIP file through the AWS CLI or Lambda console and select the go1.x runtime. With Lambda, you can use Go’s native tools to build and package your code. Read our documentation for more details. 

10Jan 2018

Amazon Inspector has released an enhancement to the Inspector Agent that will allow it to perform assessments for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE), Center for Internet Security (CIS) Benchmarks, and AWS Security Best Practices on supported operating systems, regardless of the kernel version installed. Prior to this release, the Inspector Agent was dependent on an internal kernel module that supported specific Linux OS kernel versions. The Inspector Agent could not be installed or used to run any security assessments for supported Linux operating systems that were using non-default, older, or custom kernels. With this update, you can use any kernel and run those assessments.