Big data analytics means big boosts for businesses. In sum, big data analytics simply involves analysing large sets of data. This enables businesses to spot market trends, and understand consumer behaviour like never before.

Even businesses that have not seen fit to join the cloud have recognised that big data analytics are extremely useful for a whole range of things, from formulating financial strategies to planning that next ad campaign. Recent developments in information technology mean that starting from now, the cloud is set to be the repository of most big data sets and hence of most big data consultancy services.

This is why it certainly makes sense for large and medium sized companies to migrate their on-premise infrastructure to Amazon Web Services. Harnessing this exciting and new aspect of cloud computing will enable companies to integrate their on premise data with the vast repositories of data that are available on the cloud. Safe and secure, the data contained in the cloud is vital for good decision making in the modern business climate.

It is also worth considering that many companies are feeling the lure of big data analytics, and have recognised the importance of migrating over to the cloud in order to make the most of this significant tool. Thus, in order to put up a good fight against the competition, it is very sensible for companies to switch over to a platform such as Amazon Web Services.

In terms of South East Asia in particular, companies have shown a marked interest in both big data and big data analytics. There has also been a noticeable trend away from a reliance solely on on premise infrastructure and towards the cloud.

In 2014, for instance, Singapore played host to the Big Data Show, where thousands of visitors from companies across South East Asia and beyond came to learn and to share expertise. The buzz of interest at the 2014 show certainly heralds a further move towards an increased use of the cloud to help with companies’ big data analysis needs in 2015, and for many years to come as well.

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