AYA: Building a Baseline For a Bank

Customer Profile
Ayeyarwady Bank Ltd also known as AYA Bank is a private bank in Myanmar. Established on 2 July 2010 with the permission of the Central Bank of Myanmar, the AYA Bank’s head office is located in the Rowe Building Kyauktada Township of Yangon. As of March 2020, the AYA Bank has 261 branches across Myanmar. Ayeyarwady Bank offers retail and commercial banking products and services.

AYA Bank subscribes to global standards in governance, risk and compliance in its management and operations. The bank has engaged talents with both domestic and international exposures and has invested significantly in training and technology as a way to ensure long-term sustainable growth for the bank and for the community it serves.

The Challenge
AYA Bank was actively looking for an AWS partner to support the AYA Bank in the AWS environment. Cloud Comrade’s operation work and future initiatives of the bank proposed a phase approach to optimize Aya Bank’s current AWS setup. The main challenge of AYA Bank was to migrate its existing AWS accounts to a secure and compliant AWS Organization and Landing Zone. With AWS Landing Zone, AYA Bank can configure and provision a secure, scalable, automated, multi-account AWS environment aligned with AWS best practices without existing resources. This gives the AYA Bank granular, centralized control over the cloud workloads, with a consistent level of security and compliance across all accounts. At the same time, AYA Bank was also looking for assistance on resource deployment and cost optimization.

Why Amazon Web Services
AYA Bank was certain that cloud technologies was the way forward for their business but they needed the assistance to select the right provider. The business decided to engage Amazon Partner Network (APN) consulting partner Cloud Comrade.

Cloud Comrade advised that as enterprise customers move towards adopting the cloud on a larger scale, it is critical and imperative to have a proper and well-defined account structure in the cloud. Cloud Comrade proposed to transit AYA Bank’s existing AWS accounts to a secure and compliant AWS Organization and Landing Zone. This would provide a proven enterprise operating model, on-going cost optimization, and day-to-day infrastructure management by implementing best practices to maintain AYA Bank infrastructure.

The solution also included the implementation of a multi-account structure, guardrails for security, operations, and compliance, application team permission boundary at the account level, centralized shared services, cross-account logging and monitoring and networking flexibility leveraging on the transit gateway

The Benefits
Having migrated its existing AWS accounts to a secure and compliant AWS Organization and Landing Zone gave AYA Bank the agility and advantage over its competitors, which was not possible previously. With deployment of AYA Pay on AWS, AYA Bank is able to improve the support development and run workloads effectively, gain insight into their operation, and continuously improve supporting processes and procedures to deliver business value. The Guardrails was implemented to improve security posture within AYA Bank’s AWS Infrastructure. Additionally, AYA Bank was able to optimize the cost by scaling AYA Pay workload according to resources utilization by leveraging auto-scaling features.

AYA Bank is now at the forefront of their competition and are in the position to grow their business with AWS deployed by Cloud Comrade by providing the best in class service and support in their journey.