Migrating your business storage infrastructure to the cloud is a serious consideration for cost savings as well as taking the pressure off your existing infrastructure while your business grows. Here are the most frequently asked questions about using Amazon Web Services Storage Gateway.

1. How does the AWS Storage Gateway work?

To get started, you download a virtual machine (VM) image on a host within your datacentre. Your gateway is then installed. Once you are ready to go, you can use the Amazon Web Services console to either create Gateway-Cached, Gateway-Stored storage volumes or Gateway-VTL virtual tape libraries.
Your Gateway-Cached storage is data your need to access regularly and your Gateway-stored is data which can be archived. This means you won’t have to worry about the cost and time implications of scaling up your on premises storage facility and at the same time you will still have access to your most regularly used data, all of the time.

2. Is my business suited to the AWS Storage Gateway?

Every business can benefit. If you are a large or mid-size company that is looking to migrate your on-premise infrastructure all you need is a specialist AWS provider and they help you to set up an Amazon Web Services account as well as providing support throughout the whole process. Onboarding a Cloud Computing Migration Service Provider means you are guaranteed a safe, fast, and seamless application migration to the cloud using the best in class technology.

3. Is my existing hardware set-up compatible with the AWS Storage Gateway’s VM?

The Amazon Web Services Storage Gateway VM has to be installed on a host in your datacentre which currently runs supported versions of VMWare ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V. The minimum resources required are as follows:
• 4 Virtual Processors
• 7.5 GB of RAM
• 75 GB of disk space for installation of virtual machine image and system data

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