AWS Managed Security Service

About Managed Security Service

Cloud Comrade Managed Security Services provide a cost-effective alternative to manage the monitoring, detecting, investigating, alerting and responding to cyber threats. As a Managed Security Service Provider, we offer more than security operations, information security and event management. Our services cover information security, cybersecurity advisory, solution implementation and integration, managed services, actionable threat intelligence, and incident response. The incident response solutions provide rapid response and recovery to cyber threats. Our approach is comprehensive, data-driven, and is design to help our clients respond proactively to threats 24/7. Cloud Comrade uses unsupervised machine learning, behavioural analytics, and anomaly detection to uncover threats, misconfigurations, known bads, and outliers across multi-cloud.

Cloud Comrade Cyber Defence Services (C3DS) 

Cybersecurity is more than a technology issue. It is an issue central to business risk. In fact, it’s one of the leading business threats in the world, and it’s growing.  As organisations scale and compete, protecting endpoints, assets and data from exfiltration, breach or other cybersecurity events becomes paramount. The complexity of the security landscape has changed dramatically over the last several years, and organisations need to stay ahead of a rapidly changing threat landscape.

Cybercrime operates around the clock and requires a partner who will be there 24/7 to watch over your organisation. Today’s demands require a managed security services partner that can not only help your organisation shoulder the burden of today’s sophisticated cyberattacks, but will also act as a powerful extension of your team. 

CC Managed Security Service Include:

Why Choose Cloud Comrade as your Managed Security Service Provider?

  • Established Cloud Managed Service Provider 
  • Act as an extension of your Cyber Security team 
  • 24/7 live monitoring and fast response time
  • Leverage best-in-class industry tools to provide a full suite of managed security services
  • Through rapid detection and remediation, organisations can stop an attack before it impacts business services
  • Automatic detection and fixing of vulnerabilities

About AWS Level 1 MSSP Competency

AWS Partners with Level 1 Managed Security Service Competency provide 24/7 security protection and monitoring of essential AWS resources delivered as a fully managed service. These partners meet AWS’s baseline standard of quality for managed security services, Level 1 Managed Security Service. This collection of services spans six security domains: vulnerability management, cloud security best practices and compliance, threat detection and response, network security, host and endpoint security, and application security. For additional information, please see the brochure.