Many businesses with large quantities of video content are moving their clips off their own servers to the cloud as prices fall and compute power rises. Amazon Web Services has some new tricks up its sleeves for companies who use AWS for video encoding, or who could find this an attractive new option. Amazon’s Elastic Transcoder offers video and media transcoding in the cloud in a scalable, cost-effective manner, which makes it easy for the many companies using online video to convert files from their original format into one that will play across all devices, including smartphones.

New features in the latest update to Elastic Transcoder include support for NTSC and PAL standards for TV broadcasters, plus the most common web standards – including the ever popular animated GIF file. With most videos now stored in smart containers for streaming to a range of devices, Elastic Transcoder supports FLV containers, which use the H.264 video and AAC or MP3 audio codecs (this is supported by Flash so will play on older browsers), plus the MPG container that offers MPEG-2 video and MP2 audio. This means that a company can convert its video content into any format without tying up local servers for this intensive task.

Elastic Transcoder is available across Amazon’s global service, including in south-east Asia and Singapore. This will encourage the increasing number of companies that use video content for their websites, marketing or as a key component of their online business to go the cloud for this intensive task. The updates appear in the Elastic Transcoder console as new presets with a range of video quality settings, and the elastic nature of AWS means it can handle massive video files or large numbers of small clips.

With users increasingly expecting full HD quality, for even small video clips like product guides or shopping pages, any online business should be aiming to produce the highest quality video. AWS can help manage those files and create the best results for users browsing on a tablet, PC or TV – all without the need for expensive in-house servers or video experts to handle the encoding.

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