In its latest round of price reductions, Amazon has set about slashing the costs of bandwidth, significantly lowering prices on outbound data migrating from its CloudFront content delivery platform.

With the price war between Amazon and Google hotting up, both companies are looking for new ways to attract small and medium-sized businesses to their cloud services. Just last week, Amazon undercut Google’s cloud prices in what was a bold, but unexpected, move. Now the US company is attempting to outdo its rival once again; this time by squashing outbound bandwidth costs.

Developers in Singapore, Tokyo, and Sydney, places in which the cost of bandwidth has traditionally been more expensive than in the US and Europe, will see the largest reductions, with prices dropping between 6 percent and 43 percent.

In all the zones across Europe and the US, the price for sending out your first 10TB chunk of outbound data has plummeted by 25 percent. In Singapore, Amazon has gone one better, slashing the cost by a more than respectable 37 percent, while Tokyo is treated to a reduction of 30 percent. Elsewhere, Sydney sees their costs fall by 26 percent.

This puts the new price for data transfers at just 12 cents for Singapore, bringing the costs of Amazon Web Services closer to Microsoft’s competing Azure platform in the region. The prices tumble even further if your outbound data breaks the 40TB mark; netting a further 6 percent reduction in Europe and the US, and 43 percent in Singapore.

If that wasn’t enough, AWS has also cut down on the cost of data transferred from it content delivery and distribution framework, CloudFront. Customers in the Americas and Europe can now save 29 percent on the first 10TB of data transferred, while customers located in the Philippines, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, and Japan have been treated to a price drop of 26 percent.

While the price cuts are not quite on par with the massive reductions Amazon rolled out in February 2013, developers and businesses in the region are sure to welcome them with open arms.

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