Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) now allows you to use your own publicly-routable IP addresses with AWS resources such as EC2 instances, Network Load Balancers, and NAT Gateways. After you bring your IPs to AWS, AWS will advertise your public IP addresses on the Internet. You will continue to have access to Amazon IP addresses and can choose to use your own IP addresses, Amazon’s IP addresses, or both with your AWS resources.

Your applications might use trusted IP addresses that are whitelisted by your partners and customers. With Bring Your Own IP, you can move these applications to AWS without requiring your partners and customers to change their IP address whitelists. Bring Your Own IP is also useful for applications such as commercial email services that rely on IP address reputation to allow traffic from your endpoints to reach intended recipients.

Bring Your Own IP is available for preview in the US West (Oregon) region. You can request access to this feature by completing this request form.