Ancileo: Assuring Insurance Systems

Customer Profile
Ancileo is a software as a service provider for the insurance ecosystem, offering a comprehensive range of technology solutions to enable digital partnerships between insurers and their distribution partners. The company empowers insurance distribution with B2B as well as B2C partnerships, using 360o technology solutions for insurers, re-insurers and affinity partners.

Ancileo core capabilities include plug and play API solution, white label, agent portal management, claims automation, policy management and localised payment solutions for insurance premium collection.

The Challenge
Ancelio Private Ltd was looking for an AMS partner to support the Ancelio AWS environment. It was envisioned that there will be 2 phases to this journey. Phase 1 would include the set-up the Multi Account Landing Zone for AWS Managed Services (AMS) and phase 2 would be the migration of Ancelio’s core business applications into the MALZ.

In order to support Ancelio in the ongoing operation work, the proposed AWS Managed Services (AMS) offers “operations as code” which enables Ancelio to offload undifferentiated, critical daily operation of the infrastructure services so that Ancelio can focus on value creation. AMS utilizes heavy standardization and automation to consistently apply best practices, improving the operational availability and security of workloads deployed on AWS.

Why Amazon Web Services
Ancelio was certain that cloud technologies was the way forward for their business but they needed the assistance to select the right provider. The business decided to engage Amazon Partner Network (APN) consulting partner Cloud Comrade.

As enterprise customers move towards adopting the cloud on a larger scale, businesses realize that their employees require assistance and time to learn and gain AWS skills and experience. AWS Managed Services (AMS) operates AWS on Ancileo’s behalf, providing a secure and compliant AWS Landing Zone, a proven enterprise operating model, on-going cost optimization, and day-to-day infrastructure management.

By implementing the best practices to maintain Ancileo’s infrastructure, AWS Managed Services helps to reduce Ancileo’s operational overhead and risk. AWS Managed Services automates common activities, such as change requests, monitoring, patch management, security, and backup services, and provides full-lifecycle services to provision, run, and support Ancileo’s infrastructure. At the same time, it unburdens Ancileo from infrastructure operations so Ancileo can direct resources toward differentiating Ancileo’s business.

The Benefits
AMS offers a multitude of unique values and benefits to Ancelio which gives them the edge over their competitors. Now Ancileo enjoys a highly automated ITIL aligned infrastructure operation. Over 80% of AMS common operational tasks are self-service and executed without human intervention. Ancelio can now overcome business and security risks by having their environment governed by AWS Landing Zone which follows pillars of AWS best practices. They can focus on producing value for the end customers instead of worrying about IT operations and security.

Additionally they can be assured to have 24×7 technical support from high-quality engineers, AWS subject matter experts, tools, and technology that automatically manage the health of the customer’s environment. Ancelio is now at the forefront of their competition and are in the position to grow their business with AWS deployed by Cloud Comrade by providing the best in class service and support in their journey.