Amazon Elasticsearch Service now supports M4, C4, and R4 instance types. M4 and R4 instances provide improved compute performance at lower prices than the previous generation of M3 and R3 instances. With the C4 instance type, you can benefit from better cost effectiveness for workloads that have high indexing requirements. Additionally, on the newly supported instances, Amazon Elasticsearch Service offers increased EBS volume size up to 1.5 TB per node. The increased volume size allows you to store up to 30 TB in a single Amazon Elasticsearch Service domain using EBS-backed data nodes, which is triple the previous limit. For Provisioned IOPS SSD volumes, we have also increased the maximum to 16,000 IOPS to support the most demanding workloads. This release also offers operational enhancements that reduce the time required for performing cluster updates and snapshots, typically by more than 50%.