Startup businesses are driving the Internet of Things revolution. We’ve already seen Google acquire thermostat maker Nest. Nest, along with Ecobee, is challenging massive corporate giants like Honeywell in their traditional markets. Every day, new startups launch crowd-funding efforts to create new IoT devices that will disrupt other markets. If your enterprise isn’t responding to the Internet of Things, or using them in your business, then you could soon be under threat.

Businesses can use Internet of Things devices to save money through efficiency in heating and lighting, create new data points up and down their supply chain or by selling the technology to consumers and business in their particular vertical or market. The key to a successful Internet of Things service is efficient use of smartphone apps, data dashboards and cloud computing services to provide a simple-to-use interface, power the back-end service and generate analytics and results. If your company isn’t using Amazon AWS, our consultancy service can provide guidance on the best way to leverage the many services available.

Amazon AWS is already well down the road to supporting the Internet of Things. It offers low-cost and freely available hardware computer services and has the power to accept data from thousands or millions of IoT devices, using Amazon Kenesis and encryption of data throughout the process to ease customer and user worries about the security of these services. That’s all provided with endless scalability and many of the software components already in place to allow a business to concentrate on their device and market. Amazon provides user identity management analytics and notifications. Using Amazon Cognito, Mobile Push and Mobile Analytics takes much of the effort out of creating an IoT ecosystem.

While the Internet of Things might just be getting off the ground, any business focused on technology markets should already be seeing its influence and preparing to adopt it. Either by partnering, investing in or buying out smart home or office companies, or developing services to sell to IoT companies, there is a massive opportunity around the world, from Singapore to Silicon Valley, to become an IoT player and make your mark among the next generation of technologies.

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