“Nobody likes change except a wet baby,” said Mark Twain. Yet, change, such as migrating to the Cloud, is necessary for businesses to progress effectively. While companies prioritise the technical aspects of moving processes and data to the Cloud, the emotional side of the upgrade can often be underestimated, putting the success of the move at risk.

Here are eight essentials to ensure a happier and smoother move to the Cloud for your organisation and your people.

Loop HR in from the start

It’s definitely not news to you; your organisation’s best assets are its people. And as the department that exists to optimise your human resource capital, HR must be engaged in all meetings from the get-go. With all the new skills and responsibilities that will come with the migration, HR will provide a unique people-perspective that will anchor the success of your move.

Plan early

Draw up a plan – early – on how the migration is expected to happen. This helps everyone know what needs changing, why and how the process will take place. Keep on track with targeted milestones and responsibilities in place.

Educate your staff

Sell the idea to your staff by educating them on the features and benefits of the Cloud. Remind them that ultimately, people come first, and technology is only here to help them and the business grow. Set their expectations. Half the battle is won when they’re convinced that migrating is the right way to go.

Address fears, including your own

Some employees may perceive that new technology can take away their jobs, rendering them redundant. Assure them that while migrating to the Cloud does ultimately cut down on manpower costs, what it really means is streamlining business processes so that employees can be better engaged in higher valued skills and services. On top of that, management may find, in engaging employees in this dialogue, that its own fears and anxieties can be allayed.

Make opinions count

Get key users involved early in the implementation process and take their feedback into account. By doing so, it gives them a sense of ownership to ensuring a successful migration.

Update stakeholders frequently

Communication is key. Let users know if they will be affected by any downtime as a result of the migration, so that they’ll be able to work as smoothly as possible.

Be mindful that change takes time

Any kind of change takes time to get used to. Ensure that your IT department remains as patient in addressing any users’ concerns or queries, or even in the face of frustration.

Choose your Cloud Migration specialist wisely

Finally, when looking for a cloud solutions provider, engage one that effectively understands both hardware and heartware for a successful migration to aid your business.

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